AP Ration Card Member Deletion/Migration in Ration Card

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The Andhra Pradesh ration card contains all the details pertaining to a family’s members. While the documents are issued under the name of the head of the family, who is the ration card holder, other family members are also added.

The members who were added to one ration card cannot be added to another. Thus, a family member’s migration or deletion process from the ration card must occur. There can be many reasons for going through with this process.

The authorities accept the request and issue a new ration card. If the reason is valid and the member is eligible for migration or deletion. Check the detailed process for the same subsequently.

AP Ration Card Member Deletion/Migration

In case a particular member or family has to remove themselves from the ration card of Andhra Pradesh, they will have to follow a process. There is also a process for migration. The authorities allow both processes. In case of deletion, the applicants are required to fill out the
Deletion form. However, for migration, the candidates will be required to enter details of both the old ration card and the new one. Candidates who are eligible can only apply for this process.

AP Ration Card Member Deletion/Migration in Ration Card

AP Ration Card Member Deletion/Migration Eligibility

In order to determine the eligibility for the deletion or migration process, the applicants need to satisfy the ensuing conditions:

  • Applicant must already be added to a ration card in Andhra Pradesh.
  • They must hold a domicile of the state.
  • The applicant must not be added to more than one ration card.
  • Applicants need to prove that they are a member of the family.
  • They must be more than five years of age.
  • In case of marriage, the applicant must submit a marriage certificate.
  • However, in case of a divorce, the applicant must prove this by submitting the certificate.

AP Ration Member Deletion/Migration Documents

In order to apply for the process, the candidates must submit the ensuing document:

  • Original ration card,
  • Residence proof
  • Valid identity proofs such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license, passport, voter, ID, card, and others.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Death certificate in case of death.
  • Marriage certificate in case of marriage.
  • Application form

Apply for AP RC Member Deletion/Migration

The applicants can apply for this process in an online or an offline mode. The authorities process both applications equally. However, it depends on the preference of the applicant.

Offline Process

In the offline procedure, the candidates must visit the ration distribution center in their area. Further, you need to visit the respective office pertaining to the change in ration card procedures. Candidate can also approach their area Volunteers for this purpose. There are two forms, named deletion of member in ration card application form or member addition in ration card form. Based on the necessity, the candidates need to apply for the respective procedure by filling out the form and testing the required documents. The application has to be submitted to the ward or gram Panchayat official. Once the application is approved and processed, the authorities will issue a new ration card.

Online Process

In the case of online procedure, the candidates can apply through MeeSeva. This online procedure can we proceed it through MeeSeva Centre only. Applicants need to visit the Centre and request the following process:

  1. Visit the Mee Seva portal.
  2. Select the option of the district and block to find the office of the address.
  3. Check the option of services.
  4. Download the form for deletion of members in ration card or migration of members of ration card.
  5. Fill out the application form and submit it to the respective official in the ward.
  6. While enclosing the envelope for this process, the candidates need to put all the essential documents.
  7. After this, the procedure will be carried out in an off-line mode.