AP Ration Card Addition of Member in Ration Card in case of Birth/ Migration

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The state Government offers citizens in the state of Andhra Pradesh belonging to economically backward backgrounds various services. One such important service is the issuance of Ration Cards. Through Ration Cards, the authorities provide rations such as Rice and Wheat at affordable prices. The Government of India backs the Ration Centres. Ration Cards are offered to families based on their financial income in an annual mode and requirements. There is a limit and price band set for groceries.

The list of all the members of the family is mentioned in the Ration Cards. In case there is a migrant or a new baby is born in the family, the citizen who holds the registration of the Ration Cards on behalf of the family will have to get the member added. Thus, the citizen needs to request the addition of a family member. This can be easily done by filing an application for the same.

AP Ration Card Addition of Member in Ration Card in case of Birth Migration

AP Ration Card Addition of Member

There can be a need to add family members to the Ration Cards that the citizens of Andhra Pradesh hold. This can happen in case the candidate is migrated from one ration card either by marrying into the new family or through adoption or post-divorce. There can be any valid cause of migration. The addition of family members in the AP Ration Card can also be requested post their birth. Adding family members is extremely important because the family member needs to be registered on time and the benefits on the ration cards are provided accordingly. Thus, getting the member added as soon as possible is important.

Why Add Member to AP Ration Card?

The citizens in the state of Andhra Pradesh need to apply for a Ration Card only if their families are eligible for one. However, there can always be cases of Marriage, Birth, Adoption, or any other that can eventually cause the addition of a family member. In such a case, it is important that the citizens do not request a new ration card for their family but get the new member added to the previous Ration Card. The authorities allow addition by two means. One is migration and the second is the legitimate creation of a database for a new member.

Migration of Member to Andhra Pradesh Ration Card

If a family member is married and a new member is added, the card holders can get them added to the Ration Card database in their family’s name. They need to file a request for the addition of a new member by means of Migration. The authorities obtain the family member’s details, eradicate their presence from the previous Ration Card, and add them to the new one. In order to request this process, the citizens need to fill out the Addition of Mmber to Ration Card by means of Migration.

The Application Form needs to be filled out as it requests the addition of the family member along with scrapping their details from the previous Ration Card.

Add New Member Through Birth

The family holding Ration Crad can request the addition of a new member in case of the birth of a child. In order to do so, they need to submit the application form along with their Birth Certificate. The authorities shall add the member after verifying the details. The application form needs to be filled out in an offline mode. All the details need to be entered correctly. Check here application form for the addition of a new member.