AP Ration Card Surrender Process – How to do it?

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The candidates who are willing to surrender their ration card in the state of Andhra Pradesh need to follow a proper procedure. There are a lot of benefits to having a ration card. If the candidates are not eligible or have a problem, the government will require them to surrender it. Thus, this has to be followed in order to do this. Authorities must maintain the records and thus ask the applicants to follow a proper process. In order to surrender the AP Ration Card, check the ensuing article.

AP Ration Card Surrender Process

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has shifted every process pertaining to ration card in the state online. Does, for every process, follow application forms or report online. Moreover, the authorities have also opened up the services of applying for the basic procedure such as surrendering the ration card online. The candidates must submit a proper application form along with their documents and respective ration card details to go through with the process.

AP Ration Card Surrender Process

AP Ration Card Surrender Process Eligibility

There can be two cases in which the candidate had to surrender their AP ration card. Apart from these reasons, it is unusual that a citizen of the state will have to surrender their ration card. Thus, any of the two conditions must be satisfied to be eligible for surrendering the ration card. The subsequent criteria are necessary for surrendering the ration card:

  • The candidate must hold a ration card that the Andhra Pradesh government issued.
  • The request must be made by the ration card holder or the head of the family.
  • Details of the old ration cards have to be submitted by the applicant.
  • The authorities will need the old ration card in order to surrender it.
  • There are only two reasons why the authorities accept the surrender request of the applicants. Either the applicants are no longer eligible for the ration card, or the authorities require them to surrender it for some purpose.

Apply for AP Ration Card Surrender Process

If the candidates are not eligible for ration cards anymore, they must surrender them by following the ensuing process:

  1. Visit the nearest Mee Seva Centre or the ration distribution point in Andhra Pradesh.
  2. At the ration distribution center, the candidates will have to request a form for ration card surrender.
  3. In the Mee Seva Centre, the request will be processed online. The applicants will have to request a form, which will be submitted with complete documents.
  4. Once the application form is processed on the part of the authorities, they shall verify the applicant.
  5. The authorities will require the candidates to surrender the original ration card.
  6. Post complete process, the authorities will scrap of all the benefits that the particular applicant gets under the ration card.
  7. Furthermore, they shall no longer issue the applicant a duplicate Andhra Pradesh ration card or allow them to carry the original one.
  8. After surrendering, the candidates can only apply for a ration card if and only if they are eligible for it.