AP Ration Card Conversion of white Ration Card to Pink Ration Card

The state of Andhra Pradesh issues Ration Cards to citizens of various kinds. Two such kinds of Ration Cards are Pink and White. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, the colours of Ration Cards decide the benefits that a family can receive. While the ration provided to the citizens through the Distribution centers is extremely affordable, there is a difference in the rates provided to the citizens by the state authorities. These rates can either be subsidised or not subsidised. The deciding factor is the income of the family holding the ration cards.

AP Ration Card Conversion of white Ration Card to Pink Ration Card

AP Ration Card Conversion

Basic grocery services such as Ric, Wheat, and others are provided to the citizens in the state of Andhra Pradesh through Ration Cards. These ration cards are issued to citizens Below the Poverty Line or slightly above it. The authorities provide distinctive kinds of Ration Cards depending on the family’s annual income. There are Pink and White Ration Cards. The major difference in the benefits that citizens in the state can obtain from these Ration Cards is in terms of rates of the ration. The White Ration Card holders imply the citizens belong to underprivileged backdrops in terms of economic status while the Pink ones imply better financial conditions. The authorities have accordingly fixed the rates of Ration.

What is AP White Ration Card?

Citizens in the state of Andhra Pradesh who belong to the category Below the Poverty Line are issued White Ration Cards. The authorities have fixed the deciding criteria by fixing the annual income limit which qualifies for this kind of Ration Card. Families having an annual income of less than One Lakh Rupees can apply for White Ration Cards. The benefit of a White Ration Card in the state of Andhra Pradesh is that all the citizens who hold one receive the Ration at an extremely subsidised rate.

The government assures that the holders pay for the Ration only in a way that while they do so, they are able to handle their living expenses in the low household income. Furthermore, the White Ration Card holders receive more benefits in the state as they can be eligible for distinctive services in the state by using White Ration Cards as proof of their lower household income.

What is AP Pink Ration Card?

The citizens in the state of Andhra Pradesh who fall into the category which is slightly above the annual income household band of Below the Poverty Line are issued a Pink Ration Card. This Ration Card is strictly for citizens above the BPL and with a family income of more than One Lakh Rupees per annum.

This implies that the holders of these cards are eligible to receive the Government monitored Ration at affordable prices. However, they can only buy the Ration at fixed prices which are not subsidised. The subsidised prices are only for underprivileged citizens holding a White Ration Card.

The use of a Pink Ration Card is that even though the citizens cannot receive the ration at subsidised rates, they can still get a good deal given that Government Ration is always affordable.

Convert to AP Pink Ration Card from White

The citizens willing to convert their ration card status from White to Pink can easily do so by filing respective requests with the authorities. In order to do the same, they need to fill out the application form in pen and paper mode and attest the respective documents. The application then has to be submitted to the Ward Volunteers or other respective authoritative entities. The AP Ration Card Conversion Application Form is available here.