AP Ration Card Change in Fair Price Shop (FPS)

One of the prime changes that a particular citizen can request in their AP Ration Cards is the change of Fair Price Shops. Basically, the Fair Price Shops or FPS are licensed by the State Government in Andhra Pradesh to distribute commodities to Ration Card Holders. The Fair Price Shop records important databases on the ground level such as the total distribution, number of cardholders in their respective areas, demand, supply, and much more. For the citizens, the Fair Price Shops are the authorised shops that provide raion at affordable rates.

AP Ration Card Change in Fair Price Shop (FPS)

AP Ration Card Change in Fair Price Shop

Every area has its designated Fair Price Shops in the state of Andhra Pradesh. AP Ration Card holders need to observe that they can specifically buy from the FPS in the areas in which they are residing. The authorities allocate the FPS while issuing Ration Cards. However, certain FPS are sometimes much closer or more convenient to the allocated ones. Thus, there can be a need to request a change of Fair Price Shops.

What are Fair Price Shops in Andhra Pradesh?

Fair Price Shops in the state of Andhra Pradesh are the authorised centers that sell the Ration commodities such as Wheat and Rice. These shops offer the ration at affordable rates as fairly fixed by the Government for the Ration Card holders. Furthermore, citizens below the poverty line can also receive the Ration at subsidised rates at FPS in Andhra Pradesh. The Fair Price Shops are basically government shops and the Ration Cards benefits can only be obtained at these shops. Every ward and area has its own Fair Price Shops. The Ration Card holders can obtain Ration from only their respective allotted shops.

Documents need to Request AP Fair Price Shop Change

The authorities require the cardholders to submit certain documents as they apply for Fiar Proce Shop change in their ration cards. Thus, the applicants need to make sure that they possess the following documents before applying for AP Ration Card Change of Fair Price Shops FPS:

  • Ration Card
  • Aadhar Card of the Ration Card Holders
  • Address Proof such as Water Bill, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, or any other
  • Filled out Application Form requesting a change of Fair Price Change

Details for Andhra Pradesh FPS Change in Ration Card

The citizens in the state of Andhra Pradesh requesting a change of Fair Pirce Shop in their ration cards need to mention important details in the Application Form carefully. The authorities shall carefully study the details mentioned and accordingly process the application. Citizens need to mention the following details in their application form:

  • Details of the Ration Card
  • Details of the Ration Card Holder
  • Older Fair Price Shop Address
  • New Fair Price Shop Address that is requested
  • More details pertaining to the request

Apply for AP Ration Card FPS Change

The candidates willing to apply for a change in the Fair Price Shop in Andhra Pradesh need to obtain the application form from their Ward Volunteers. Further, they need to carefully fill out the aforementioned details and attest to the given documents. The application form needs to be submitted to the Ward Volunteers.

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